When my second child had a stroke near the time of birth, I supported their development holistically, using all I had learned in decades studying somatic approaches to wellbeing that began in my twenties when I discovered how to alleviate my sports-induced chronic shoulder pain.

Based on my family’s experiences, I’m writing a book for parents who feel overwhelmed by an early diagnosis for their child and seek a roadmap to their future. I am on a mission to show parents how they can create the conditions for optimal development.

I am a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, also trained in Hand-in-Hand Parenting. I maintain a physical private practice in Eastern Massachusetts and online globally.

Through prior education and careers in geophysics and software engineering I bring scientific inquiry and collaboration to my work, currently serving on two parent boards in support of research and education on pediatric stroke.

When I’m not helping my clients discover more ease, I love to garden, kayak, travel, and spend time with family. I live near Boston with my two children. After playing ice hockey through college, I now coach my children’s hockey teams.


Toward Universal Access: a lasting benefit of virtual work

I have been building my practice as a body and brain teacher for a couple years, with a combination of in-person and remote sessions. Now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of my clients are remote, of necessity.  I met with one of my long-term clients by video for the first time a couple weeks ago. …


I asked people to write me about Outliers, children who were doing more than expected after an early brain or nerve injury. Mara replied. This is her daughter Mia, demonstrating a new skill on her 4th birthday. When you watch her “Skinning the Cat”, it is hard to believe that she had a stroke in the early days of life. The damage was to the left side of her brain, causing a right hemiplegia. Yet holding on to the rings, both hands and arms are working equally hard. Both legs swing up and over. There is no evidence of the hemiplegia. This result is not magic – it is the result of a determined child who has adopted the “I can do it” philosophy taught to her by an equally determined mother. I think both of them qualify as Outliers!
Dr. Karen Pape, author of The Boy Who Could Run, But Not Walk 

I had 2 (dental) implants put in a month and a half ago, that’s after 9 months of chewing really weird on this side of my mouth and my muscles going out of balance and at first when she put them in and adjusted my bite, it felt great. And, now, it’s a month and a half later and in the last week, I’ve been going nuts trying to find the right balance for chewing, and trying to make myself chew on the new teeth side. This was so helpful. I can not even tell you.

I come to the classes and  sometimes I get a little bit bored but I get so much from attending the class, like last week, I came and when I got home I felt good. But, the next day, I felt wonderful, babysitting for my two little grandchildren who are very young and full of energy, and I was running all over the place after them, and I know that a lot of that energy came from this class. 
-Anonymous student 

Mara is an absolutely excellent teacher and Feldenkrais is great. And, Mara certainly has a way of conveying it that is clear and understandable and it’s a delight and very helpful.
-Rana Rappaport

Mara Yale is an exceptional teacher. She is able to explain directions with a clarity that enables her students to experience awareness of subtle movement and the changes they bring about. 
-Anonymous student 

I am really appreciative that Mara brought this incredible knowledge and practice to the community. That’s a gift. Thank you.
-Anonymous student 


Mara sees clients in Framingham, Massachusetts, makes house calls within Metrowest Boston, and connects with distant clients via video.

Please send a message by email for inquiries or to schedule an initial consultation.



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